Studio Simi

Academy of Classical Art founded by the Painter Prof. Filadelfo Simi in 1887.

Filadelfo directed personally the academy for forty years, offering various courses in drawing and painting from life. The School has always been highly appreciated by numerous students of all nationalities and with results of full satisfaction. A serious and assiduous study of four or more years is recommended, based on the individual aptitudes and possibilities. Currently the School is being managed, since many years, with the same methodological approach, by the daughter Painter Prof. Nera Simi, who maintains the same characteristics of seriousness and culture necessary to give an artistic training to students, and from that they can find substantial help in carrying out their artistic profession.

Florence, October 1981.

Simi Studio description by Painter Prof. Nera Simi, Florence, October 1981.

Charcoal drawings of portraits and nudes from life made in Studio Simi, by Alessandra, 1976 - 82.

Oil painting studies made in Studio Simi, by Alessandra, 1976 - 82.